Transformer Spill Prevention

Recycle. Reduce. Sustain.

Sustainability issues cannot be ignored in today’s corporate world. Placing an emphasis on sustainability will help you cut costs and increase profits while using significantly less resources.

At ABG, one of the key components to design is:  “How will the production and use of our solutions ultimately affect the environment we all share?”

All of the products we develop and sell are 100% recyclable. Please contact ABG for information regarding the materials used in the manufacturing of our products. We can also help you locate a recycling center near you.

Responsibility does not end at the point of sale.

“ABG’s Transformer Bags helped ComEd avoid the cost of contract crews pumping and draining transformers, as well as the cost to clean up leaks that occur during transport. When oil is drained in the field, it can damage the transformer and prevent repair. By not draining the units, more transformers are repairable and recycled. Through November 2012, ComEd was able to repair 668 transformers for a net cost avoidance of $2.6 million.”

– ComEd, “Behind The Lines,” January 23rd, 2013