Inks & Chemical Containment Bags

ink containment lifting bags

As an innovative domestic manufacturer, ABG has long been a valued supplier to the printing ink and chemical industries. As these markets change, ABG has adapted to meet the new challenges and provide cost effective solutions.

The video demonstrates our latest innovation in the bulk transport of printing ink. A greaseless and liner-less bulk bag that can safely and economically transport 2500lbs of finished ink. The product is forced out using a roller system to eliminate any costly hang-back.

When a liner is absolutely needed, we have developed proprietary stitching and gluing techniques to insure that the liner stays with the bag upon release regardless of the product being discharged.

fibc chemical bulk bagsLogistic expense has long been a huge cost issue in the pigment industry. Gone are the days when shipping oversized and extremely heavy metal totes around the world is acceptable or remotely profitable. We have partnered with a revolutionary logistics company called Goodpack. They rent intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) at a fraction of the cost of buying and return shipping your own IBC’s. ABG has designed several bags that fit into their patented IBC designs. No matter what your situation is, we have a logistics solution at hand for you.

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