ABG Transformer Bags

ABG is the Original Developer, Manufacturer, and Supplier of Pole and Pad Mounted Transformer Bags – Available in Many Sizes

Safely contain, lift, transport, store, and recycle oil-filled equipment with ABG Transformer Bags.

ABG Transformer Bags ®

Safely contain leaking transformers during transport to service and recycling centers.

ABG developed multiple designs to solve safety and environmental issues with electric utility linemen. The extensive effort resulted in an unparalleled, flexible, load-bearing containment solution that has changed the industry.

ABG Transformer Bags® has helped industry partners (ComEd, SaskPower, San Diego Gas & Electric and more), avoid the cost of contract crews pumping and draining transformers, as well as the cost to clean up leaks that occur during transport and storage. Removing oil can damage the transformer and prevent repair when it is drained in the field. By not draining the units, more transformers are repairable and do not need to be replaced.

Using ABG’s bulk bags significantly helps to reduce preventable spills that release unwanted oils with toxic PCBs into the environment that result in costly EPA fines.

ABG Transformer Containment Bags® required U.N. testing and certification (U.N. Rating of 6x) before they can be sold and supplied to customers.  ABG Transformer Bags also compliant with DOT, TSCA and EPA guidelines.